By Dog Kennel Hill Project - associate artists of La Traversee, made at Le Relais


The Fictitious Truths of the Making Of... is a project taking place behind the scenes at Le Relais, creating a series of videos that document, reconstruct, reflect, satirise and re-imagine the performance-making processes of Dog Kennel Hill Project.

Dog Kennel Hill Project is the UK based perfomance company of Henrietta Hale with Uk artists Ben Ash and Rache Lopez de la Nieta. The collective regularly visits the Baie de Somme  and Le Relais de la Baie for residencies and they filmed a large part of the video WE NEED TO HAVE THAT CONVERSATION in the surrounding landscape.


The idea is to bring into question notions of truth in the way we construct ourselves, by blurring the lines between real and pretend whilst exposing the incongruities of our own stories.

The making of performance is a non-linear process that draws on an array of social encounters, interactions and wanderings. It involves rituals of meetings, journeys, crises, discoveries and the most absurd sorts of playground games of power relations and manipulations. In this series of screen and live works, the roles that we play, the behaviours produced and the images that hence occur, become heightened and are often then re-enacted to produce curious hybrid states of imagined non-fiction and truthful fiction.


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documents the process of creating TUG, a performance for the UK waterways between 2010 and 2014. To be completed Aug 2015


is a study on the absurdity in the search for authenticity and truth in an audition situation

Exorcising in the usual off centre quarter of the way back 

is a live theatre work based on Ficitious Truths themes made at Le Relais in 2013 specially for Cabaret Duchamp at The Barbican London