Residencies at Le Relais

Residency info

Residencies currently available for artists wishing to create or develop their own work in the beautiful bay area of northern France.


La Traversée, collective of artists: Charlotte Darbyshire, Henrietta Hale, Jules Maxwell, Tony Wadham, Pippa Darbyshire are opening out their space and support with experience from music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts.


The word ‘relais’ has its root in Old French (relaxation, discontinuance) and relaisser (to abandon, release). In earlier times, a relais was a place where riders could stop to switch from tired horses to fresh ones. We like the idea that artists stopping here might metaphorically ‘leave with a new horse’ for the next part of their journey. 


Residencies at Le Relais offer artists studio space housed within the Cafe/Gallery, Relais de la Baie, with gite accomodation next door. Being located in a remote village surrounded by a rural bay area with immense skies, this is also an ideal opportunity for artists to work outdoors. Here you can engage in your own research, or enquiry and develop work in the supportive community of La Traversee, whereby dialogue and mentoring programmes can be tailored to suit the needs of artists. We create and maintain a responsive laboratory environment that aims to meet artists wherever they are in a process. 


  • The Space is a studio/gallery (9m x 7m) with an adjoining café/bar area with piano and PA system suitable for dancing for up to 4 movers + up to 3 collaborators in the café area

  • La Traversee artists offer studio visits, feedback and mentoring, but also respect privacy.

  • La Traversee can offer an informal performance / sharing event and facilitate audience discussions 



“I spent a week at Le Relais - slowing down, eating well, settling into a listening and questioning space where thoughts, suggestions, ideas began to flow and be lightly tossed around until by the end of the week I was in a much richer place in mind and body. I was ready to go on investigating and felt replenished and supported. The foundation for further exploration was firmly set during that time for which I can't thank them enough.”

Rosemary Lee - residency at Le Relais Nov 2014 as part of Bonnie Bird research award


How to Apply

The application process involves an initial letter of interest from the artist/group leader, expressing backgound, research interest and reasons for wanting to work in this particular context. Also include practical details such as number of artists and preferred dates.

We aim to reply within 2 weeks of your application. The following process involves negotiating details over phone/skype chat before we send you a written agreement of terms and conditions.


Please send enquiries and letters of interest to