Henrietta Hale is a choreographer and independent dance artist and teacher who is based at Le Relais to pursue a performance and writing practice. As she completes a psychology degree in 2015, and reconnects with a 10 year yoga and chi-gung inspired teaching practice, her work is strongly absorbed in questions around the relationship between moving and thinking and lessons in the nervous system. Since 2004 she has been founder co-director of Dog Kennel Hill Project, a performance and research collective with dance artists Ben Ash, and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, and recently associate artists with Dance4, Nottingham (UK). 





Their work encompasses a broad range of performance contexts having developed several site- specific productions, touring theatre works, screenworks and installations in galleries. They have been commissioned by Dance Umbrella for TUG ( 2013) The Place Prize ( 2004 – 2012) Whitechapel Gallery for Figure Stuck Stuck ( 2011) Scottish Dance Theatre for Pavlovas Dogs (2012) Dance in Libraries (2014) Transitions Dance Company in 2014 whilst developing broader research projects.


Outside of DKHP Henrietta has a background in contemporary dance performing with companies such as Ricochet Dance Productions, Yolande Snaith, Angela Woodhouse, and Russell Maliphant. She has been a long term collaborator and performer with choreographer Rosemary Lee (UK) assisting on three of her large-scale intergenerational projects, Square Dances (2011), Common Dance (2009) and Passage (2002) and directing her touring production of Meltdown (2012-14) in several locations. She has worked as a collaborator and movement director for visual artist’s projects internationally, including Matti Braun (Germany), Daria Martin (UK), Jonathan Baldock (UK) and Polonca Lovsin (Slovenia).


Alongside guest teaching for institutions such as Independent Dance, London Contemporary Dance School, Glasgow Conservatoire, National dance Company of Wales and Candoco, she has taught and choreographed regularly at TrinityLaban on the BA Dance Theatre programme in subjects of choreography, performance practices, experiential anatomy, dance technique and been an independent projects supervisor. As a mentor she has worked with DansCe Dialogues outdoor lab programme (2014) through South East Dance, mentoring Saffy Setohy and Gaël Sesboüé. Other mentor relationships include Janine Harrington for her BBC Performing Arts Fellowing, Natacha Bryan, a performance poet, and dance soloist, Marina Collard.


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