This page is under construction but here are a few examples of recent events and projects

6th June 2015

Relais Club

A special concert at Le Relais featured Jules Maxwell and the Haddock Family from Belfast.

Jules has written and performed with Ken Haddock for at least 25 years, and together withSteve Jones (who himself has toured and recorded with Bryan Ferry, Air and Brian Eno), They put together a new band with Ken's daughter Grace and his son Jacob.


Had my time again


Tony was sent this song by, old school friend and fiddle master Nigel Walker  who's band GAWEY wanted a video. He roped in  Jules in front of camera and Charlotte behind and created this little murder ballad.  

1st June 2015

Performance and film evening at Le Relais


And So It Goes On - a solo work by invited artist Marina Collard.

This work continues to question the purpose or futility of Marina's lfe in dance


4th April 2015 - Foy Vance at Le Relais