About Us

La Traversée is a new initiative for inter-disciplinary arts practice, research and performance. It is committed to the creation, presentation and promotion of the arts for local and international artists and houses the projects of British artists Charlotte Darbyshire, Henrietta Hale, Jules Maxwell, Tony Wadham and Pippa Darbyshire, all of whom make work here in Northern France.


Relais de la Baie, a gallery and salon-de-thé, renovated and run by Peter Cooke and Pippa Darbyshire is the home to the artists. Here we have formed a supportive community where there is space for individual practice but also opportunity for shared enquiry and collaboration; a sort of cross-fertilisation can happen. Out of this has grown the Le Relais Club that offers monthly live music events and regular performances, lectures/sermons and film screenings.


With access to the café gallery space and many contacts across Europe, we have an appetite to curate other artist’s research and performance.


We therefore created La Traversée, an association to hold these activities and offer artist residencies, performance events and classes.


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